Sep 12, 2012

iPhone 5 Release Video

Here you'll find a leaked video describing the key features of the iPhone 5:

Some of the researched improvements to the iPhone 5 not featured in this video are its exact screen dimensions.  Here below are the exact measurements of the iPhone 5 screen:

iPhone 5 dimensions:

3.567 inches length
2.058 inches width

iPhone 4S dimensions:
3.023 inches length
2.044 inches width

iPhone 5 screen thickness:
.091mm screen thickness

iPhone 4S screen thickness:
1.01mm screen thickness

The iPhone 5 screen is also remarkably scratch proof!  In a side-by-side scratch test using a key the iPhone 4 showed considerable scratching whereby the iPhone 5 showed none!

A full detail of all the changes made to the iPhone 5 should be made today at 1pm Pacific Standard Time.

Scratchproof iPhone 5 Screen

iPhone 5 and 4S side-by-side comparison of dimensions

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