Sep 25, 2012

Apple's new topographic maps defy criticism

 The press gets a huge collective "FAIL" in my opinion for neglecting to cover one of the most, if not "the most" important features ever released on the iPhone!  A feature which, incidentally, is embedded in Apple's new and much complained-about topographic maps system. The feature? How about the fact that Apple's new voice guided topographic maps system will doubtlessly save lives!

Depth perception and voice nav!

Anyone who's "chased the blue dot" while driving and using Google maps to guide them on the iPhone (don't give me that look, you know you've done it!) knows that using Google maps for guidance while driving is DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS!

I live in Austin, Texas and have used the new Apple topographic maps a number of times.  In each instance it worked not only flawlessly, but in a way that didn't require me to look down at it (except for the occasional glance to marvel at how accurately its 3-D positional guidance feature was working) unlike when using Google maps.

Clearly there are some areas affected by insufficient or erroneous Apple maps data coverage on iPhone's new topographic maps.  That sucks, I feel for those folks, and suggest they go back to using Google maps for now.  But let's remember that they're in the minority and it's Apple we're talking about here. Yeah, they get plenty wrong, but they tend to correct quickly and not make similar mistakes again.

I think those Google maps users who haven't used the new Apple topographic maps system on the iPhone are going to be very pleasantly surprised.  I also think, far more importantly, by using them they'll be safer.


Christian Hunter
Austin, TX


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    1. Christian HunterMarch 05, 2023 3:02 PM

      Thanks, Domenic. It’s been a while, been meaning to come back


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