Sep 6, 2013

Godaddy plans 700 new top-level domains & Google plans to make them "dotless"!

Like Gordon Gekko, the infamous power broker in the movie "Wall Street", I'm having mixed emotions lately on Godaddy's upcoming plan to create and release as many as 700 new generic top level domains (like .com, .net, etc).

Gordon put his mixed emotions best, saying of them, "buddy; it's like [my nemesis] Larry Wildman going off a my brand new Maserati."

Sounds right. Because on the one hand, until reading about the massive deluge in new GTLD's, I'll bet very few who were sold or brokered high-value .com's were, at any point in the decision-making process, counseled to be conservative. For instance, I don't remember hearing:

"Hey [Godaddy customer], before you pull the trigger on this six-figure domain purchase, just hold in mind that we've got like 700 more of these babies coming out in a year or…".

That said, there are numerous and easy to appreciate benefits to such an enormous change in gTLD availability (many of them itemized in Godaddy's gTLD press release). 

These new gTLD's won't come cheap! In fact, the evaluation fee alone is $185,000 PER GTLD! That means shelling out $130,000,000 to ICANN just to get them through the evaluation phase!

Once approved, there is a fixed fee of $25,000 a year per gTLD (so another $17.5mm/year just in registration fees alone. Not cheap!

Perhaps all these fees had something to do with ICANN's recently announcing its rejection of Google's plans for a “Dotless .Search” gTLD".

Anyone have ideas on where this rapidly changing URL configuration technology is heading?

Thoughts would be appreciated!

Christian Hunter
Austin, TX

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