2018 - Anti-Aging and Nootropics Notes

Work in progress
Last updated as of June 2018

Nootropics, supplements, and peptides I'm presently taking:

Epitalon 100mcg/day subdermal (cycle use for one month on, 3 off)

TA-65  200mg/day (cycle use one month on, one off)

Selegiline 10mg/day

Testosterone 50mg/day

Semax 100mcg/2x/day (use as needed for cognition and wakefulness improvement)

Modafinil 200mg (use as needed for cognition and wakefulness improvement)

Vitamin C 2g/day

D3 5,000 IU/day 2x/week

Alpha GPC 300 mg each 2x/day

Omega-3 EPA/DHA  2x/day 

5-MTHF 50mg 1x/day

PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) 50mg/day

Aniracetam 750mg each/4X/day

Centrophenoxine 500mg 4/day x (4 days on 4 days off)

Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500mg 3-4x/day (high dose)

DMAE Bitartrate 150mg 3x/day

Idebenone 180mg  / 1 - 2 per day (I alternate with Ubiquinol 1 week each)

Pterostilbene — 250 mcg

Nootropics and supplements I'm presently investigating:

Methylene blue


4'-DMA-7,8-DHF (4'-Dimethylamino-7,8-dihydroxyflavone)


Uncaria Tomentosa


Recently retired supplements (poor effect, no effect, or unconvincing research):





Oat Straw 

The worst nootropic or supplement(s) I've taken (some are good nootropics, just not for my body):

Vinpocetine - the single worst nootropic I've ever taken.  Significant depression of mood and persistent brain fog. This is not a unique side effect either, roughly 20% of population will have similar negative reaction.  This ingredient, unbelievably, is still included in many nootropic stacks.

Huperzine-A  - negatively affected dreams

S-adenosylmethionine - brain fog, excessive peripheral nervous system stimulation

Creatine Monohydrate - caused persistent anxiety

GABA - simply does not cross the blood brain barrier to become active (at least the kind you take orally)

Caffeine - significant anxiety and peripheral nervous system stimulation

Mucuna Pruriens (50% l-Dopa) - excessive peripheral nervous system stimulation


Semax is a neuropeptide developed from a short
fragment of ACTH, Pro8-Gly9-Pro10 ACTH(4-10) and is a neuroactive peptide with unique neuroregulatory properties.

Semax is a revolutionary addition to the arsenal of the Medical profession in combating  the disastrous effects of ischemic insults on the brain like the ones caused by Brain Stroke and closed head injuries.

Research notes:

[1] Rescue of cognitive-aging by administration of a neurogenic and/or neurotrophic compound. Neurobiol Aging. 2014 Sep;35(9):2134-46. doi: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2014.02.017. Epub 2014 Mar 2.

Treatment with P021 inhibited the deficit in neurogenesis in the aged rats and increased the expression of brain derived neurotrophic factor. Furthermore, P021 restored synaptic deficits both in the cortex and the hippocampus. In vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy revealed age-dependent alterations in hippocampal content of several metabolites. Remarkably, P021 was effective in significantly reducing myoinositol (INS) concentration, which was increased in aged compared with young rats. These findings suggest that stimulating endogenous neuroprotective mechanisms is a potential therapeutic approach to cognitive aging, Alzheimer’s disease, and associated neurodegenerative disorders and P021 is a promising compound for this purpose.

From Neurotrophic peptides incorporating adamantane improve learning and memory, promote neurogenesis and synaptic plasticity in mice, Bin Li, FEBS Letters Volume 584, Issue 15, 4 August 2010, Pages 3359-3365 posted on Longecity.org: “[P21] is neurogenic and neuroplastic and enhances cognition in normal adult mice.” “P21 is an attractive candidate for the development of pro-cognitive drugs to prevent and treat learning and memory disorders and neurodegenerative diseases such as AD [Alzheimer’s Disease].”

P21 is also currently being studied for its effects on halting rheumatoid arthritis.


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