May 12, 2012

Take this free and fast Myers Briggs personality test

I've taken many different assessment tests, some that determine my IQ, others my social competency, etc. Perhaps the most interesting and insightful test I've ever taken was a personality test that consisted of a simple block of multiple choice questions, each with no obvious answers.  

The personality test I'm referring to is the "Jung Typology" or "Myers Briggs" Personality Test, take it once and I'll bet it'll have you thinking about it for months (if not years) to come.

The Myers Briggs test distills down your personality type into one of sixteen personality archetypes.  It's quick and easy to take, and may help you better understand those meta-traits and attributes that make you, well, you....

Visit this site to take the test for free:

The personality test itself shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes to complete and I'll eat my left hand if you're not impressed with how remarkably accurate the composite score is to you.


Christian Hunter

Austin, TX

BTW: At the end you'll get a summary of your personality type and, among other interesting things, a link to famous personality types that match your own....enjoy!

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