Oct 9, 2012

Despite controversy, Stacey Dash's following surges.

Stacey Dash braves racist backlash
One Twitter named "Brooke" asked this of "Clueless" star Stacey Dash:  

“You ready to head back the fields, jigaboo” 

This angry and racist tweet was in response to a Twitter post by Dash late Sunday night to “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future”  

Dash, 46, accompanied the post with a patriotic photo of herself clad in a red bathing suit and almost immediately it unleashed a torrent of racist rage from Obama supporters.  Within minutes those supporters, and a number of detractors, began flooding the web with angry posts:

“She’s an indoor slave, you know that,” 

said Sherrick W., who tweets as @SimplySher.  She herself as a black woman in a different tweet.

Another tweeted:
“We’ve been letting you slide for years! It's OVER.”

What has yet to catch mainstream attention however is the fact that since posting the controversial tweet Sunday night, the subsequent two days saw Stacey's online Twitter following surge by over 20,000 users Monday, and is now over 302,000 as of Tuesday evening (this according to Twitter stats site: TwitterCounter.com):

It would appear that users have been flocking to support Ms. Dash despite all the negativity.

As of just now, she's got one more follower in me.

Christian Hunter
Austin, TX

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