Sep 4, 2012

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke drops cognitive deuce on Colbert Report

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke demonstrated heart-stopping ignorance this evening during her Colbert Report interview.  To paraphrase the most outrageous parts of the interview: when asked by Colbert essentially what the 11th District Congresswoman from New York would say if she could be transported via time machine back to Brooklyn in the year 1898, she said that she'd proclaim to her captors "let me go!".

Somewhat confused by what the Congresswoman was referring to, Ms. Clarke made sure Colbert knew she'd demand the state of slavery that existed in 1898 come to an immediate end...35 years after we fought the whole Civil War thing that ended it!

Somewhat shocked (as all but Colbert's most profoundly idiotic viewers were) Colbert asked who exactly (as a black woman) she would demand to win her hypothetical freedom from...and this is where it got far weirder: the Congresswoman replied "the Dutch" [insert gasps, and various iterations of "holy shit" made audible by those my home anyway].

Here's a link to the full video of Yvette Clarke on the Colbert Report

Almost as though on Repo Games, Colbert served up numerous "are you suuuure..." type looks and pauses in an effort to free Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (pun intended) from the heart-stoppingly ignorant display she was putting on (or at least keep her congressional seat from being repo'd).  But no, the Congresswoman would have nothing of it.  Instead she denied Colbert every opportunity afforded her to escape the interview without looking as shit-brainingly idiotic as possible, insisting that in 1898 it was about time those sneaky Dutch and their slaveholding ways came to an end!

If Colbert really wanted to decimate her he'd ask when the Dutch no longer held political control over New York and it became a state, you know, the one she represents in Congress!?  We have at least one member of the House who, among other things, doesn't know that the United States has been around a bit longer than 114 years!

The Congresswoman is proud of her interview
Even after the interview, just two short hours ago, on Congresswoman Yvette Clarke's Twitter account, she was advertising the interview as though proud of it!?

Can someone tell me how this woman was elected?

If not, at least offer me some hope that this will end her career as a member of our Congress?

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  1. I doubt the members of her district will even hear about this or care if they do. As long as she gets them their earmarks and entitlements her job in washington is safe.


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