Aug 6, 2012

New Gov Think Tank Recruits Nations Brightest.

In a fascinating effort by the Federal Gov't to open up American policy-making to the people, Expert Labs (now known as "Think Up") was born. 

This contemporary think tank is gathering a diverse array of world-class private-sector experts to leverage what's now being called “cloud expertise”.  

The purpose, simple: enlist citizen experts to inform and shape public policy through the social networks they already use.

I look forward to watching this revolutionary effort develop in coming years.  I should say it's certainly off to an impressive start with some of the biggest guns in the private sector signing-on to lend their insights and proven problem-solving abilities to help navigate us through some of the countries most pressing and critical issues.  Juggernauts like:

Caterina Fake, Founder, Hunch, and guided as Chairwoman

Anil Dash, founder 

Andy Baio, co-founder

And partnering with the little know guys like, well, Craig Newmark (the Founder of  Sheesh, these guys are serious! 

The organization has debuted with a fascinating utility that aggregates, analyzes, and graphs your communication across all channels.  Here's a description on youtube.

Here's an excellent Wired article on the coming-together of Expert Labs.


Christian Hunter
Austin, Texas
August, 6, 2012

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