Jul 28, 2011


Finally, there's a word for the organic looking drawings of buildings – skyscrapers in particular – that I've been doing since I was a kid: biomimicry

Apparently this term applies to all types of man-made things, from cars to homes, and I can't help but think that Antoni Gaudi deserves more credit as the early father of such thinking.

Anyhow, I found a useful taxonomy for biomimicry I thought I'd share.  Have a look:

Biomimicry defined graphically

And here also are some structures that have adopted this new architectural discipline:

Building?  Nope.  Have a closer look and you might see the influence of a bat in this US military commissioned spy-plane featuring a translucent exoskeleton:

Airplane biomimicry

The auto designer for the Volkswagen Kai-Nalu derived his inspiration for this beautiful example of biomimicry from ocean waves washing over dark rocks on the beach.  The end-result is this stunning example of biomimicry; with translucent glass wrapped-around this cars ocean-slick rock-like surface. 
Car biomimicry

Here is a look at a totally novel looking (and functioning) building biomime:
Building biomimicry
Christian Hunter
Austin, Texas

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