Do you empower others?

It occurred to me, not 20 minutes ago, in nude anticipation of a shower, clearer than ever before, that power is derived from abundance of choice.

It further occurred to me, that there are, simplified, two camps of people:

Those that seek to empower those they love with choice, and,

Those that seek to consolidate their power by denying choice for others.

Don't let the primacy of the first camp lend likelihood to the inclusion of you, or those who claim to love you. The rancid truth of the matter is that, for all the relationships I've been party to, or known of, the latter camp rules the day.

By plain example, they:

Tell you that you look good, when you don't, and they look better, or,

Oh fuck that, just think of the general reception you get from your "friends" when you share good news, vs. bad...?

Which are they more interested in?

From every mother who seeks to usurp the authority and influence of your newest boyfriend, to the boyfriend who seeks to overthrow the subversive power of your girlfriends, to the girlfriends who connive you away from the boyfriend who, by his good company, is syphoning your attention away from them. And on and on, eh?

The most disturbing aspect of this bizzare social institution is this:

For that one in a thousand(?) that are comfortable enough with their own value, and appreciative enough of yours to move in favor of empowering you; well, to the extent you have so much as one detractor (those that seek to subvert you) in your life, that you "love", that person will act like cryptonite to the potential for a healthy relationship.


Too tired to fully explain, but if anyone's interested....

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  1. You wrote "that person will act like cryptonite to the potential for a healthy relationship. Too tired to fully explain, but if anyone's interested...."

    I am. What did you mean? How will they act like cryptonite


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