Apr 10, 2013

Arrested Development show will release in May 2013!

Insanely good news for all fans of the Arrested Development show: 

Netflix is leading a truly fascinating revolution in the way television content is produced and consumed.  As part of their strategy, they made a bold and unprecedented move to resurrect the cult tv show Arrested Development – which won high praise from critics, but never realized meaningful ratings from viewers.  

Fox cancelled the show due to its lackluster performance at the end of its 3rd season, all the way back in 2006!  Still, despite the significant time and stardom that have accumulated since then, Netflix successfully brought back all the main characters of the show and are picking up where the last episode left off.

The program is still in filming and set to release all its fifteen brand new episodes simultaneously on Netflix.com this May 26, 2013.  Yep, ALL 15 episodes are being released at once!  This follows the apparently successful binge-watching model that "House of Cards", Netflix's most recent successful release of its own content, has demonstrated.

Wonderful news for fans of the Arrested Development show like me, who (other than a dim hope for seeing the full cast come together for a potential movie) held little hope of ever seeing the Bluth family return to television.


Christian Hunter
Austin, TX

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